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The new pipeline is 58 kilometers long and connects the Central Gas Processing Facility (CPF) with the trunk gas pipeline system, transporting Tecpetrol's output in Fortín de Piedra out of the area. The reserve is already producing 7.4 MMm3/d, which represents 10% of the total production of the Neuquén Basin.

On May 28, Tecpetrol inaugurated a 58-kilometer gas pipeline to transport Fortín de Piedra gas from Vaca Muerta in the province of Neuquén. The pipeline was built by Techint Engineering & Construction in record time.

The gas pipeline connects the Central Gas Processing Facility (CPF) at Fortín de Piedra with the measurement point located in Tratayén, in Neuquén. It has a daily transport capacity of 18 MMm3/day and is connected to the national gas pipeline network belonging to Transportadora de Gas del Norte (TGN) and Transportadora de Gas del Sur (TGS).

Tecpetrol is currently operating the most active non-conventional hydrocarbon field in Vaca Muerta. It has invested US$ 1.1 billion in the area since work on development began. As of today, the project has created more than 4,500 direct jobs, between drilling and gas production activities and the construction and maintenance of surface facilities. The operation is being performed with 7 drilling rigs and is the first shale gas development to involve so many rigs working all together at the same time.

Managers of Techint E&C and Tecpetrol during the inauguration.