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Throughout its history, the company has accompanied the evolution of the country. Proof of this are the 721 projects developed in these seven decades in different market segments.

After its foundation in Italy in 1945 and its arrival in Argentina a year later, the International Technical Company landed in Brazil, in 1947. At that time, the historical context was favorable to the economic growth.

Thus, in 1950, the company faced its first great challenge: the construction of the oil pipeline between the cities of Santos and Sao Paulo. The work marked not only the beginning of the activities in the country, but also its introduction in the oil and gas sector, a decisive factor for the company's growth.

Since then, Techint has developed 721 projects in Brazil, in various segments such as Mining, Refineries and Petrochemical plants, Energy, Industrial Plants, Oil & Gas and Infrastructure. To mention only ducts, the company has built 13,000 km of pipelines, which correspond to 60% of the total mesh of the country. It took part in the construction of all the refineries in Brazil and, in the '80s it was one of the pioneers in the offshore sector with emblematic works, such as Pampo and Vermelho 3. In addition, the company was in charge of extreme complex and relevant projects, such as the Itaipu Hydroelectric Plant - one of the biggest power generation plants in the world, the rails of the Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro subway, and the Angra Nuclear Plants, among others.

This shows that Techint's seven decades of activities have been crucial to the growth and development of the nation that welcomed it.

1950: Pipeline Santos - São Paulo.