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50 million tons and 500 ships were unloaded at the coal Receiving and Handling Terminal in Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán.

Since 1999, the consortium consisting of Techint Mexico and the Grupo Mexicano de Desarrollo operates though Carbonser, the coal unloading at Michoacán terminal. From there, coal is supplied to the Plutarco Elías Calles thermoelectric power station at Petacalco Guerrero, owned by the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE).

On July 11, the project reached 50 million of unloaded tons of coal and the reception of 500 ships during its 13 years of continuous work. An event was held to celebrate this milestone at the Carbonser wharf, on the island of Cayacal.

Directors and representatives of the Port Authority (API) of Lázaro Cárdenas, the Port Captaincy and the CFE attended the celebration, as well as Techint Mexico, and Grupo Mexicano de Desarrollo and Carbonser officials. The Secretariat of Communications and Transport, Port Captaincy, and the Port Authority gave Carbonser a recognition for the milestone and for its contribution to the growth of the port and the region development.


More about Carbonser

  • BOT agreement (Build, Operate & Transfer) for services rendering for 30 years assures: the supply, handling, storage, mixing, transport and delivery of mineral coal to the CFE''s CTPEC, located at Petacalco Guerrero.
  • The terminal is equipped and has the necessary facilities to handle up to 6 million tons a year according to CPS.
  • The terminal holds national records on cape-size vessels unloading (Aqua Crystal) with the biggest cargo to have been operated and operated: 181.454 DWT. and the vessel "Constantia" with the highest volume of effective cargo in Mexican ports operated effectively: 142.993 tons. This last generation vessel with almost 300 meters long are unloaded in less than 90 hours, which means an average of half a ton per second.
  • The last month of July, the 500th vessel (SamJohn Spirit) arrived and was unloaded, which means that it has been operating safely and continuously for more than 13 years and strictly in accordance with the provisions of Servicing Agreement signed between Carbonser and CFE.