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Techint Engineering and Construction and the Milan’s Politecnico university sign an agreement to promote innovative projects and advanced technologies in the many areas in which Techint operates.

To promote and consolidate strong links with academic institutions and to invest in research and training are part of Techint’s core values worldwide.

In Italy, the company has just signed a framework agreement with the Politecnico di Milano –an internationally renowned scientific-technological university– to work together on research and training initiatives for the so-called Architecture for Health.

“We are delighted that we have signed a Framework Agreement until 2020 with such a renowned world class institution as the Politecnico di Milano”, says Dario Puglisi, Techint E&C Managing Director in Milan.

Supported by the Department of Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering and the Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering "Giulio Natta", the initiative is aimed at studying and testing innovative and technologically advanced design principles for the areas of Architecture, hospital, health and social Engineering.

According to Puglisi the professional synergy between Techint E&C and the Politecnico would “contribute to develop innovative projects and solutions in different areas in which we operate.”

The agreement, in fact, it is expected to be the first step of a long-term, broader partnership and it is not limited to the Architecture for Health sector, since it is also intended to create opportunities for research and reciprocal scientific collaboration in other areas such as mechanical, electromechanical, iron and steel, metallurgical, glass, cement, all types of manufacturing, infrastructure, oil, petrochemical, energy, chemical, rubber, plastics, water use, waste management and environmental protection in general.

“I consider this agreement to be very important since it will set the ground for a more fluid collaboration between both in the future”, Puglisi adds.

For the Politecnico’s Rector Ferruccio Resta the deal with Techint strengthens a partnership that is already underway. “We will assist in the huge transformations in the health and medical science sector,” he says, adding that this is “the first step toward new opportunities that will make the relationship between the two companies even more productive”.

The initiative also lays the foundation for the development of a permanent Joint Research Center between the University and Techint in the coming years.

Dario Puglisi, Techint E&C Managing Director in Milan, and Ferruccio Resta, the Politecnico’s Rector.