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Techint S.A.C.

Av. Ricardo Rivera Navarrete 475, Piso 12

San Isidro, Lima

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The company

In 1948, Techint made an exploratory incursion into the then incipient Peruvian industrial market, developing a preliminary project for a full-range steel complex for the Peruvian Corporation of the Santa.

Twenty-eight years later it would obtain a new contract to develope the EPC of this country’s first emblematic pipeline: the NorthPeruvian Oil Pipeline, 391 Km in length (36¨) and 2 pump stations, to carry crude from the northeastern jungle to the northern coast.

Techint became consolidated as a provider of Basic Design, EPC and maintenance contractor of megaprojects in Peru with the execution of the Camisea Gas Transmission System. The challenge consisted in setting up natural gas and NGL pipelines of 730 and 560 km respectively (up to 32¨), to take natural gas from the Cusco jungle to Lima crossing the Andes high mountains, giving Peru the chance to change dramatically the power generation market and opening up new industrial development possibilities for the country.

Some years after Camisea's start up, Techint was contracted by the Camisea Consortium led by Pluspetrol as Owner Engineer to develop basic and detail engineering, procurement and construction supervision services for the First and Second expansions of the Camisea Gas Plants, namely Malvinas Gas Separation and Pisco Fractionation Plants.

The following large-size challenge was a pipeline for Perú LNG, for which the company built a 408-km-long 34¨natural gas pipeline from the Chiquintirca compression plant in Ayacucho to Pampa Melchorita, 170 km to the south of Lima. This project obtained the Guinness World Record as the world’s highest-altitude natural gas pipeline.

One of Techint’s biggest achievements, after its Oil & Gas consolidation in Peru, was to enter the peruvian mining and power generation markets. On mining, Techint built the entire Toromocho Hydrometallurgy and Molybdenum Filter Plant and the electrical and instrumentation portion of the entire Copper Process Plant for Minera Chinalco, for which the company contracted more than 4,000 employees to work at a height above 4,800 masl. On Power Generation, the company erected its first gas fired Power Plant in Peru for Fenix Power.

Over the course of four decades, Techint has handled sucessfully Engineering and Construction projects in the Oil & Gas, power generation and mining markets, consolidating stable and long-lasting relationships with the country’s most demanding clients.

Today Techint continues supporting its emblematic clients from the earliest stages of their megaprojects, developing conceptual, basic and detail Engineering.

Its high standards as regards safety, health, respect for the environment and quality have led the company to win acknowledgment as “Contractor of the Year” by Minera Chinalco in 2012, and as “Gold Medal” winner in the National Quality Awards for 2013 by the National Society of Industries.

Main projects by decade


  • Sagari Field Development Project
  • Ayacucho Pipeline
  • Kepashiato compression plant
  • Toromocho hydrometallurgy plant- Chinalco
  • Camisea Compression Plant (EPC-30)
  • 1st & 2nd Camisea Malvinas and Pisco Plants Expansion - Pluspetrol
  • Combined cycle thermal power plant- Fenix Power
  • Chiquintirca compression plant-Tgp
  • Pipeline Margarita, 72 km in length, Bolivia
  • Optimization of the Pointe-a-Pierre refinery, Trinidad & Tobago


  • Coastal Loop-TgP
  • Perú LNG Pipeline- Hunt Oil
  • Maintenance for the Camisea natural gas Transmision System-COGA
  • Camisea natural gas pipelines-TgP


  • NorthPeruvian Oil Pipeline