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Techint Compagnia Tecnica Internazionale S.p.A

Egypt Branch

47 Office Building, Street 90-North,Section 1 City Centre, 6th Floor ,
Cairo Governorate 11853
New Cairo , Egypt.

Tel: (20) 2 25 370 172 | Fax: (20) 2 25 370 170


Techint E&C has a strong established local presence with 98 % of its qualified workforce constituted by Egyptians, who have been working with Techint for several years on a continuous basis. Thanks to the company's consolidated know-how and experience, it covers all the local aspects necessary to handle any kind of large industrial project. The commercial branch in Cairo carries out commercial activities and supports the projects in operation.

In Egypt, Techint E&C has successfully executed more than 40 large projects, participating in the construction of 15 conventional or combined cycle power plants, as well as major petrochemical and processing plants. Techint has been present in the country since 1974, through CimiMontubi which was acquired in 1997 as TechintCimiMontubi and participated in the construction of El Sumed oil pipeline connecting the Ain Sokhna terminal on the Gulf of Suez to Sidi Kerir offshore Terminal in Alexandria on the Mediterranean Sea.

From 1974 to 1990 Techint worked mainly in the oil&gas sector. From the late 80’s, Techint also worked in the power segment as EPC contractor with the first balance of plant at Damietta. It successfully completed 4 power plants in consortium with GE, one with Siemens, 3 with Babcock and Wilcox, 3 with Stone & Webster and some others with Fuji. In 2000, Techint strengthened its construction activities mainly in the oil&gas sector with a plant of gas oil maximization in Alexandria; one ethylene and one polypropylene plants up to the mega project of Methanol plant in Damietta. For the latter, Techint was the unique main contractor in JV with Canadian Metanex for the State-owned Egyptian Petrochemicals Holding Company. Later on Techint completed, together with GE, combined cycle power plants in Nubaria in 2011 and El Kureimat III in 2013. Recently Techint has completed the mechanical completion activities and the balance of plant of the largest power plant in Egypt, El Ain El Sokhna, a supercritical thermal power plant of 1,300 Mw capacity.

Main projects by decade


  • EL AIN EL SOKHNA 2x650 MW Supercritical Thermal Power Plant, Gas/Oil fired
  • DAMIETTA I - Methanol Project


  • Nubaria III 750 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant
  • El-Kureimat III 750 MW GTCC power plant
  • Cairo North II 750 MW GTCC power plant
  • PORT SAID Power Station
  • SUEZ GULF Power Station
  • Gas Oil Maximization Project, Alexandria
  • SIDI KRIR Power Station
  • AYOUN MOUSSA Thermal Power Station.


  • SUEZ - Polypropylene Project
  • El-Kureimat power plant
  • EL ALMERIYA Ethylene Plant (Revamping)
  • EL ARISH Power Station
  • MAHMOUDIA Power Plant
  • CAIRO WEST Power Station
  • DAMIETTA Combined Cycle Power Station