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Techint International Construction Corp. (TENCO)

Carrera 11A Nº 97A 19, Oficina 601, Bogotá

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The Company

Urban undertakings were the start of Techint’s work in Colombia in the 1980s. Bridges, outflow canals, drainage works and tunnels were some of the projects carried out by the company in the country.

Later, oil and water pipelines and hydroelectric power plants would keep the company busy for several years. The first oil pipeline Techint has built was Caño Garza and Barguereña, in 1982.

In the coal mining industry, after having built the Cerrejón coal complex in the 1980s, the company was also in charge of its expansion in 2000. This project included the expansion of the mine and of its crushing capacity, a railroad, conveyor belts, a silo, and other, connected services.

The predominance of work in the Oil & Gas market led Techint to acquire a strong position in the country, continuing to this day developing engineering for relevant oil pipeline projects.

In the industrial market, Techint completed the assembly of the fume and dust removal system at the ACASA steelworks, located in Manizales, in 2012, and in 2014 started certain construction services for the expansion of TuboCaribe Plant in Cartagena.

Finally, the company’s continuous work is given by the engineering studies and services it has been supplying for oil pipeline megaprojects.The Bicentennial Oil Pipeline and the OAP are two projects for which Techint has provided conceptual and detail engineering services.



  • Tubocaribe Plant Expansion
  • Dynamic study for the Bicentennial Oil Pipeline
  • Engineering for the Oil Pipeline to the Pacific (OAP, in its Spanish acronym)
  • Fume and dust removal system for Siderúrgica ACASA
  • Expansion of the Cerrejón coal complex


  • Central Processing Facilities and third compression train in Copiagua
  • Storage tanks for Oxy in Coveñas
  • Ballena-Barrancabermeja natural gas pipeline
  • La Belleza-Vasconia oil pipeline
  • Cusiana-El Porvenir oil pipeline
  • Santa Marta-Barranquilla natural gas pipeline


  • Suspension bridges and tunnel under the Guaitiquía River
  • Andalucía-Jumbo oil pipeline
  • Río Zulia-Ayacucho oil pipeline
  • Guadalupe IV tunnel
  • Mesitas Hydroelectric Power Plant
  • Parallel oil and natural gas ducts between Caño Garza and Barguereña
  • Caribbean coast direct reduction steel plant
  • Chingaza aqueduct
  • Chingaza outflow canal and drainage